Monday, July 1, 2013

Open University question types ready for Moodle 2.5

This is just a brief note to say that Colin Chambers has now updated all the OU question types to work with Moodle 2.5. Note that we are not yet running this code ourselves on our live servers, since we are on Moodle 2.4 until the autumn, but Phil Butcher has tested them all and he is very thorough.

You can download all these question types (and others) from the Moodle add-ons database.

Thanks to Dan Poltawski's Github repository plugin, that is easier than it used to be. Still, updating 10 plugins is pretty dull, so I feel like I have contributed a bit. I also reviewed most of the changes and fixed the unit tests.

I hope you enjoy our add-ons. I am wondering whether we should add the drag-and-drop questions types to the standard Moodle release. What do you think? If that seems like a good idea to you, I suggest posting something enthusiastic in the Moodle quiz forum. It will be easier to justify adding these question types to standard Moodle if lots of non-OU Moodlers ask for it.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tim. I'm all for the drag and deop question types to be made part of Moodle core. I mean, in the area of quizzes and assessment, Moodle is KING.